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For the past 7 months I’ve been surveying and documenting the regions in the Secondlife Main Grid and reporting weekly new changes on SLUniverse , Here is a link to the my thread. This Blog has become quiet since then, so I’m going to investigate populating it with these weekly reports (including back reports). I intend posting both here and at SLUniverse but will be looking at making my SL Region database available through this site.

I’ve transferred copies of all SLUniverse posts about new regions to this blog. from the earliest on 23rd March 2008.

New Sims w/e 27th July 2008

As mentioned earlier this week a lot more estates sims going off line than in previous weeks. Growth is still positive but has slowed significantly.

In total there were 537 new sims which after removing renames and 22 mainland sims comes to 448 new estate regions slightly less than previous weeks . This compares with 310 regions going off-line – Again when you remove the renames, mainland sims and also the 31 special ACS single event Heroes regions – this is a loss of 212 estate regions. The prior three weeks have been stable at a loss of 63 ,69 & 63 estate regions each.
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Signs of softening of private estate market

A mid week update as there are subtle changes to the number of estates sims going off line this week – To date there have been 262 new sims delivered (+ 33 renames) since Sunday – this is broadly in line with the previous 7 or 8 weeks, but what has changed is the number of Estates sims going off line – 153 for the first 3 days of this week (this also excludes renames and the 31 ACS Heroes sims which went offline) – This is a significant jump on previous weeks ( 63,69 & 63 going off line for the whole of the last 3 weeks) .

Net Growth is still positive but there seem to be signs of softening of the private sim market . This doesn’t seem to be a single large estate holding folding – the names are varied and I can see no major pattern. The turning off is spread over the past 3 days fairly evenly

New Sims w/e 20th July 2008 – 666 new regions

666 new regions this week. About average resulting in a net increase of 539 regions . This brings the Main grid up to 26433 regions (21464 private estates). No major newsworthy sims that I can see , Anshe and Zeitewelt all increasing their estates amongst others.

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New Sims w/e 13th July 2008 – Goodbye CSI, Hello Heroes

This week we have 638 new sims bringing total regions to 25878 (20889 estates & 4989 Mainland regions).

The new sims include 10 new help islands as well as large 35 region H shaped continent (close to mainland – just nw of the SL5B area ) made up of regions named Heroes 1 to Heroes 35 – Is this a Heroes TV tie in with Sl similar to the CSI one? They are currently inaccessible and I’m treating them as private estate until I can confirm otherwise.
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New Sims w/e 6th July 2008

595 new private estates added this week, as LL keeps up the moritorium on no new mainland regions.
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25000 Regions online

In the past 24 hours there was a net increase of 77 regions on the Main Grid. This brings the total number of regions to exactly 25,000.

This breaks down as a record 20,027 Private estates and 4973 Mainland Regions.

New Sims w/e 29 June 2008 – Quiet week after LL Auction Moritorium announcement

Another relatively quiet week with no new Mainland Sims again, I assume no new mainland will be added for another couple of weeks until the Linden full region auction moritorium is over, If I see otherwise I will post here.

There are now 24989 regions, 19875 are Estates.
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New Sims w/e 22nd June 2008

A slower week , with yet again no new Mainland Sims. In total 640 new Estate islands came online – This brings the total number of Main Grid regions to 24403, of which 19430 are private estates.

The 5 Holy City regions are a Dutch Rabbi’s virtual meeting place for his congregation , and of course there is SL’s prime Nerdist Colony 😉 .. for all you Nerdists out there.
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New Sims w/e 15th June – The Cornfield returns

It’s been a quiet week – 593 new sims added – The new Little Willy continent has remained the same size with no new sims added – Currently 17 regions there remain allocated for auction along with 10 Gaeta regions.

Only one new mainland sim was added this week , or more to the point a mainland region has returned to the Grid “The Corn Field” is back since last Monday.
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