Milehouse – A history of a Secondlife SIM

Second Life Milehouse Region 36 hours before sale  
The Mainland Milehouse region is currently up for auction . Over time I hope to document the history of this SIM, detailing the changes in land use over time .

Milehouse is a coastal sim on the Corsica Continent  rated as Mature. The 64544m plot (14970 prims) is most of the sim , the rest being Linden protected land in the far south west corner.The Auction began on  1st October 2007 at 1:35pm PDT and ends at 2:00pm PDT on the 3rd October 2007, As of this post the  have been 5 bids since the opening bid of $1,200, The current leading bid is $1,751  The SIM is currently empty other than a single Ben Linden Tree planter (Deciduous version) and 28 1 prim Linden trees, and a traffic rating of 23.  
Current Sim Performance Stats:

  • sim 45 fps
  • physics 45 fps
  • objects 39
  • active objects 1
  • active scripts 151
  • script perf 1268 ips

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