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Commerce comes to Milehouse

Finally after a few weeks Commerical development has started in Milehouse. The Dancing Beach Club has been opened and has a small mall attached , 3 out of the 12 or so spots in the Mall have been filled with vendors

Dance Beach Club Mall
The club itself is currently empty except for 3 campers
Dancing Beach Mall 19th Nov 2007

NLA – Chaplin’s The Kid 1921

As it’s a Sunday, today’s National LolCatz Image takes a break from world politics and explores the world of entertainment.
Here is a movie still from the great silent comedy “The Kitten” .

The Kid

National LolCatz Archives

For a few months I’ve been a regular contributor to the forums on the wonderful SL community site SLUniverse. I’d recommned it to anyone looking for a good active 3rd party SL forum.
My own contributions have tended to be of little substance and more humour related . In particular I’ve found I have a passion for Photoshopping famous photographs with LolCatz heads , A strange talent but it keeps me off the streets, I’ve recently set up the National LolCatz Archives, a photographic archive of LolCatz History. The full archive is now hosted here . Today’s addition to the archive was Munich 1938.
Munich 1938

Both SLUniverse and the Archive have been added to the sidebar here

Milehouse Change of ownership

All original unsold land has changed ownership from Kirby McMahon to Dusty Outlander. The land is all back on sale at the same inland price of L$22000 per 2048sqm (14 plots in total) so it sounds more like an administrative move rather than a totally new ownership. – The change occurred at about 00:20 , today November 8th.

Bot designed to invade personal space

Researchers at University College London in the UK have designed a SL Bot which they use to research peoples virtual personal space. Indications are that avatars show similar behaviour to RL research, moving away from the bot when pressed to closely , with women being less sensitive. It doesn’t mention known cultural differences in personal space but I’d assume those would apply as well .

Details are published by New Scientist and you can read more here