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New Sims w/e 25th May 2008

804 new sims this week 54 of them Mainland Gaeta Sims, bringing the SL main Grid up to 22051 regions ( 17362 private estates) Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 18th May 2008

A slight slow down on last weeks record estate growth but still high with 884 new sims . A new set of 9 Linden Lab regions came online (not publically accessible yet) – The following 8 sims SL5B Flexi, SL5B Hippos, SL5B Phantom, SL5B Physical, SL5B Prim, SL5B Rezzed, SL5B Ruthed, SL5B Sculpty surrounding the regions called Second Life Birthday – I’d guess they are set up for SL’s birthday celebrations . I’m starting the rumour that SL5B Laggy, SL5B Assest failure and SL5B Support lines down are soon to join this group . Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 11th May 2008 – First full week of Land Store

A very busy week – certainly the busiest since I’ve been reporting – mainly due to the Land Store coming back on line

1169 new sims brought the total number of main grid regions to over 20,000 – the total being 20477, 15861 of which are private estate regions. Continue reading →

15000 Estates online

15000 Estates online
LL now have over 15,000 Private Estates online on the Main Grid

There are 15032 Estates regions and a further 4595 Mainland regions currently accessible on the Main Grid – The 15000 figure was passed yesterday as they brought online a net 424 estates.

New Sims w/e 4th May 2008 – Launch of New Land Store

A very busy week for Linden Lab, bringing on 551 new sims , nearly double the normal rate.
Amongst the new sims are 76 Gaeta mainland sims and a new Linden Lab Meeting area of 4 sims
This is the first week of the new Land Store which now offers almost instantaneous delivery of regions. Though it was functioning only for a couple of days
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