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NLA “Round up the usual LolCatz”

Nearly missed this anniversary as it tried to sneak in under the radar .

Nov 26th 1942 – World Premiere of Casablanca

NLA – Two birthdays

25th November 1914 – Joe DiMaggio
26th November 1922 – Charles Schulz

Joe DiMaggio


NLA – Freddie Mercury RIP

A Tribute to Freddie Mercury , 5th Sept 1946 – 24th Nov 1991

NLA – Friday double feature

Two National LolCatz Archive pictures today
First the 71st anniversary of the first issue of Life magazine, a wonderful collection of photojournalism , The Archivists fingers twitch at the LolCatz potential inside these covers
“im in ur Corp of Engineers , stealing ur New Deal”
Life Magazine 1936

The second image commemorates the birth of Boris Karloff , 120 years ago today . Here we have a still from the 1935 movie
“The Bride of FrankenCatz” with both Boris and Elsa Lancaster
“i can has bride ?”
Bride of FrankenCatz 1935

NLA – “I only like two kinds of LolCatz, Domesticated and Feral”

Mae West died Nov 22nd 1980 and as a tribute the Archives posted this Still from “My Little Chickadee” which includes her co-star W.C Fields “Never work with Kittehs or Dogs”

Mae West and WC Fields

NLA – “im in ur tunes , stealing ur melodiez”

November 21st 1934, Cole Porters “Anything Goes” opens on Broadway

Cole Porter

NLA – Frederico Garcia Lorca 1898-1936

Today is the 32nd anniversary of the Death of Franco. As a tribute to all the victims of the Spanish Civil War , the NLA image for today is a portrait of Frederico Garcia Lorca , Executed in 1936 for the crime of being a poet.
Frederico Garcia Lorca

NLA – Swinging London 1965

Following yesterdays entertainment theme , Todays image from the National Lolcatz Archives shows members of the popular beat combo “Teh Beatlez” strolling through Swinging London.
Teh Beatlez

NLA – Chaplin’s The Kid 1921

As it’s a Sunday, today’s National LolCatz Image takes a break from world politics and explores the world of entertainment.
Here is a movie still from the great silent comedy “The Kitten” .

The Kid

National LolCatz Archives

For a few months I’ve been a regular contributor to the forums on the wonderful SL community site SLUniverse. I’d recommned it to anyone looking for a good active 3rd party SL forum.
My own contributions have tended to be of little substance and more humour related . In particular I’ve found I have a passion for Photoshopping famous photographs with LolCatz heads , A strange talent but it keeps me off the streets, I’ve recently set up the National LolCatz Archives, a photographic archive of LolCatz History. The full archive is now hosted here . Today’s addition to the archive was Munich 1938.
Munich 1938

Both SLUniverse and the Archive have been added to the sidebar here