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New Sims

For the past 7 months I’ve been surveying and documenting the regions in the Secondlife Main Grid and reporting weekly new changes on SLUniverse , Here is a link to the my thread. This Blog has become quiet since then, so I’m going to investigate populating it with these weekly reports (including back reports). I intend posting both here and at SLUniverse but will be looking at making my SL Region database available through this site.

I’ve transferred copies of all SLUniverse posts about new regions to this blog. from the earliest on 23rd March 2008.

Signs of softening of private estate market

A mid week update as there are subtle changes to the number of estates sims going off line this week – To date there have been 262 new sims delivered (+ 33 renames) since Sunday – this is broadly in line with the previous 7 or 8 weeks, but what has changed is the number of Estates sims going off line – 153 for the first 3 days of this week (this also excludes renames and the 31 ACS Heroes sims which went offline) – This is a significant jump on previous weeks ( 63,69 & 63 going off line for the whole of the last 3 weeks) .

Net Growth is still positive but there seem to be signs of softening of the private sim market . This doesn’t seem to be a single large estate holding folding – the names are varied and I can see no major pattern. The turning off is spread over the past 3 days fairly evenly

25000 Regions online

In the past 24 hours there was a net increase of 77 regions on the Main Grid. This brings the total number of regions to exactly 25,000.

This breaks down as a record 20,027 Private estates and 4973 Mainland Regions.

New Continent grows

Another 54 regions were added today to the new continent – as with yesterdays, most have been reserved for auction Continue reading →

New Mainland continent appears overnight

A new Mainland Continent appeared over night, 72 regions have been named and are now visible – Most of the sims have been marked as candidates for auction.

It can be found just North of the Corsica Continent, directly the east of the Academic Sim zone
(Thanks to Modesta Heying for drawing my attention to this here my surveying picked up the new sims but I wouldn’t have spotted the new area I wrote my weekly summary) Continue reading →

Anshe cutback rumours scorched

I think recent rumours that Anshe was cutting down on estates lands can be put to rest – 56 of the 96 new sims which just went online (within the past 24 hours) are Dreamland ACS opensims – all named with a spanish theme

(these rumours were reported on The SLUniverses Forums)
The regions are : Continue reading →

NLA – “i is in ur edukation dept, stealing ur school milkz”

A matched pair from the National LolCatz Archives for 28th Nov 1990

Maggie SadCat


NLA – Busy little beaver

Well Tyche has been a busy little beaver today commemorating Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee’s birthday as well as the swaring in of VP Gerald Ford . Followed off with tribute to Mariner 4 (1 day early …)
“i can has experiance”
“cat Fu PWND!!!”
Bruce Lee
“insert witty caption here?”

Billy Preston,George Harrison & Gerald Ford
“i can has fried peanut butter and bananas?”
Richard Nixon & Elvis Presley
“i is in ur planetz, stealing ur solar system?”
Mariner 4

Commerce comes to Milehouse

Finally after a few weeks Commerical development has started in Milehouse. The Dancing Beach Club has been opened and has a small mall attached , 3 out of the 12 or so spots in the Mall have been filled with vendors

Dance Beach Club Mall
The club itself is currently empty except for 3 campers
Dancing Beach Mall 19th Nov 2007

Milehouse Change of ownership

All original unsold land has changed ownership from Kirby McMahon to Dusty Outlander. The land is all back on sale at the same inland price of L$22000 per 2048sqm (14 plots in total) so it sounds more like an administrative move rather than a totally new ownership. – The change occurred at about 00:20 , today November 8th.