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Bot designed to invade personal space

Researchers at University College London in the UK have designed a SL Bot which they use to research peoples virtual personal space. Indications are that avatars show similar behaviour to RL research, moving away from the bot when pressed to closely , with women being less sensitive. It doesn’t mention known cultural differences in personal space but I’d assume those would apply as well .

Details are published by New Scientist and you can read more here

Milehouse Auction Closed

The auction for the Milehouse SIM ended 15 minutes ago with a top bid of $2,000. In total there were 10 bids . Land traffic rose to 785  and I personally witnessed 12 other Avatars visiting the SIM in the past 36 hours 5 of these being newly spawned in the past 2 days.  Ownership of the land has yet to change, still recording Governor Linden as owner but I assume there are several days admin before the land is transferred.

11:10pm – Ownership now showing as Kirby McMahon, Flattening of land currently taking place

Milehouse – A history of a Secondlife SIM

Second Life Milehouse Region 36 hours before sale  
The Mainland Milehouse region is currently up for auction . Over time I hope to document the history of this SIM, detailing the changes in land use over time . Continue reading →

/ME Waves

Tyche at home 

Hello , this is Tyche

I’m an avatar who lives in the Doll’s Tea Party known as Second Life and like many other avatars I now have  my own Blog.  The idea of Avatars having a presence outside the pixels and servers of Second Life appeals to me , Avatars now have their own lives outside the toy box, with their own blogs , websites and social networking sites. I hope over time I can document and show the blogs and sites of other Second Life avatars. and this journal is an attempt to track this phenomenon.