New Sims w/e 27th July 2008

As mentioned earlier this week a lot more estates sims going off line than in previous weeks. Growth is still positive but has slowed significantly.

In total there were 537 new sims which after removing renames and 22 mainland sims comes to 448 new estate regions slightly less than previous weeks . This compares with 310 regions going off-line – Again when you remove the renames, mainland sims and also the 31 special ACS single event Heroes regions – this is a loss of 212 estate regions. The prior three weeks have been stable at a loss of 63 ,69 & 63 estate regions each.
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New Mainland continent appears overnight

A new Mainland Continent appeared over night, 72 regions have been named and are now visible – Most of the sims have been marked as candidates for auction.

It can be found just North of the Corsica Continent, directly the east of the Academic Sim zone
(Thanks to Modesta Heying for drawing my attention to this here my surveying picked up the new sims but I wouldn’t have spotted the new area I wrote my weekly summary) Continue reading →