New Sims w/e 15th June – The Cornfield returns

It’s been a quiet week – 593 new sims added – The new Little Willy continent has remained the same size with no new sims added – Currently 17 regions there remain allocated for auction along with 10 Gaeta regions.

Only one new mainland sim was added this week , or more to the point a mainland region has returned to the Grid “The Corn Field” is back since last Monday.
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New Sims w/e 8th June 2008 – Little Willy gets it’s name

The biggest news this week is the new continent I posted about earlier . 126 regions are now accessible and around 12 have already been sold at auction . To my knowledge LL haven’t released any offical name for the continent but I’ve decided to call it Little Willy , 🙂 … on account of how the map is developing and my slightly childish sense of humour .
little willy continent
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New Mainland continent appears overnight

A new Mainland Continent appeared over night, 72 regions have been named and are now visible – Most of the sims have been marked as candidates for auction.

It can be found just North of the Corsica Continent, directly the east of the Academic Sim zone
(Thanks to Modesta Heying for drawing my attention to this here my surveying picked up the new sims but I wouldn’t have spotted the new area I wrote my weekly summary) Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 25th May 2008

804 new sims this week 54 of them Mainland Gaeta Sims, bringing the SL main Grid up to 22051 regions ( 17362 private estates) Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 18th May 2008

A slight slow down on last weeks record estate growth but still high with 884 new sims . A new set of 9 Linden Lab regions came online (not publically accessible yet) – The following 8 sims SL5B Flexi, SL5B Hippos, SL5B Phantom, SL5B Physical, SL5B Prim, SL5B Rezzed, SL5B Ruthed, SL5B Sculpty surrounding the regions called Second Life Birthday – I’d guess they are set up for SL’s birthday celebrations . I’m starting the rumour that SL5B Laggy, SL5B Assest failure and SL5B Support lines down are soon to join this group . Continue reading →