New Sims

For the past 7 months I’ve been surveying and documenting the regions in the Secondlife Main Grid and reporting weekly new changes on SLUniverse , Here is a link to the my thread. This Blog has become quiet since then, so I’m going to investigate populating it with these weekly reports (including back reports). I intend posting both here and at SLUniverse but will be looking at making my SL Region database available through this site.

I’ve transferred copies of all SLUniverse posts about new regions to this blog. from the earliest on 23rd March 2008.

New Sims w/e 11th May 2008 – First full week of Land Store

A very busy week – certainly the busiest since I’ve been reporting – mainly due to the Land Store coming back on line

1169 new sims brought the total number of main grid regions to over 20,000 – the total being 20477, 15861 of which are private estate regions. Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 4th May 2008 – Launch of New Land Store

A very busy week for Linden Lab, bringing on 551 new sims , nearly double the normal rate.
Amongst the new sims are 76 Gaeta mainland sims and a new Linden Lab Meeting area of 4 sims
This is the first week of the new Land Store which now offers almost instantaneous delivery of regions. Though it was functioning only for a couple of days
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New Sims w/e 27th April 2008

A lot of activity this week ,Microsoft brought on 3 sims for yesterdays Launch of SQLServer 2008, Server 2008 & Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft launch regions
But Dutch Bank ABN Amro cut back from 15 sims to 12.

Also this week 73 of the Gaeta Sims were named (30 up for auction). Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 20th April 2008

253 new sims in the past week – 56 of these are the Dreamland ACS Opensims reported earlier this week – (there have been another 8 or so Dreamland ACS Sims added this week including the self-referential Anshe sim ).
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New Sims w/e 13th April 2008

An interesting week, 76 of the new CSINY sims go off line – I wonder who paid the Tier (if any) on that short lived Grid presence – Corsica Continent is fleshed out further as 36 regions are named and finally the new Gaeta Continent is accessible (Just to the east of Corsica ) Its been visible on the map for several months but overnight LL made it accessible – The 48 regions all have Generic names (Gaeta_5_reg1 etc)

This now brings the total visible number of main grid regions to 18348 ,that is unique names, there are another 133 generic Linden sims with duplicate names bringing the grand total to 18481. The new 48 Gaeta sims are in the new list as two generic names. Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 6th April 2008

Todays Headlines :
CSINY slips in another 4 sims, The Elves leave for far shores and potential naming conflict in the Gorean Region

243 new sims in the past week bringing the total of publicly visible main grid sims to 18249 including another 4 CSINY sims brought online in addition to last weeks 72. Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 30th March 2008 – CSINY back online

More new Sim activity in the past week

398 new sims with 48 no longer on line , leaving 18068 visible Main Grid sims. 72 of the new sims are CSINY sims brought back online Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 23rd March 2008

In the next few weeks I’m going to be launching a second life service but here is a little taster

Currently there are 17709 publically visible Main Grid Sims – In the last week 299 new Sims came online and 84 went off line. Continue reading →