New Sims w/e 8th June 2008 – Little Willy gets it’s name

The biggest news this week is the new continent I posted about earlier . 126 regions are now accessible and around 12 have already been sold at auction . To my knowledge LL haven’t released any offical name for the continent but I’ve decided to call it Little Willy , 🙂 … on account of how the map is developing and my slightly childish sense of humour .
little willy continent
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New Sims w/e 1st June 2008

New Sims this week are down from the peak two weeks ago when at 677.
These include another 7 SL 5th Birthday sims (SL5B Copy
SL5B Edit, SL5B Linked, SL5B Move, SL5B Render, SL5B Rotate & SL5B Stretch) as well as a few academic sims (Central Texas College,University of Newcastle, UCSA and Bowling Green state adding another 3 sims to their existing region) Continue reading →

New Sims w/e 18th May 2008

A slight slow down on last weeks record estate growth but still high with 884 new sims . A new set of 9 Linden Lab regions came online (not publically accessible yet) – The following 8 sims SL5B Flexi, SL5B Hippos, SL5B Phantom, SL5B Physical, SL5B Prim, SL5B Rezzed, SL5B Ruthed, SL5B Sculpty surrounding the regions called Second Life Birthday – I’d guess they are set up for SL’s birthday celebrations . I’m starting the rumour that SL5B Laggy, SL5B Assest failure and SL5B Support lines down are soon to join this group . Continue reading →