Milehouse Inland development starts

Milehouse Waterfront 17th Oct 2007

Residential Waterfront development has proceed at a pace and beginnings of Inland development begins to show . One new owner purchased 4096sqm in the North East of the Sim , then expanded with another 2048sqm, building their own little Sim within a Sim, using large walls and roof to seal themselves off from the rest of the sim.

Milehouse Inland Oct 22nd 2007

As of today 18 2048sqm plots are for sale by the original buyer who has added a faux colonial Mansion to one plot, and 10 other plots are for sale (1 x 3072, 1 x 2048, 2 x 1024 and 6 x 512).

The main reseller is currently using Dayglo Submarines as an interesting, if suprising , marketing aid.
Milehouse Oct 22nd Dayglo subs

Milehouse resellers buy up waterfront

Milehouse 10th October 2007 from South West

Over the past week the Milehouse waterfront has slowly been bought up by two individuals and subdivided for resale or rental . Several modern style properties have been built and simple landscaping of the waterfront plots has taken place.

Milehouse 10th October 2007 from South East

It looks as if three of the plots have been re-sold to homesteaders, and several others are now available for sale by the new owners. None of the inland plots have changed ownership, all still for sale at the $22000 for 2048sqm rate .