NLA – Busy little beaver

Well Tyche has been a busy little beaver today commemorating Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee’s birthday as well as the swaring in of VP Gerald Ford . Followed off with tribute to Mariner 4 (1 day early …)
“i can has experiance”
“cat Fu PWND!!!”
Bruce Lee
“insert witty caption here?”

Billy Preston,George Harrison & Gerald Ford
“i can has fried peanut butter and bananas?”
Richard Nixon & Elvis Presley
“i is in ur planetz, stealing ur solar system?”
Mariner 4

NLA “Round up the usual LolCatz”

Nearly missed this anniversary as it tried to sneak in under the radar .

Nov 26th 1942 – World Premiere of Casablanca

NLA – Friday double feature

Two National LolCatz Archive pictures today
First the 71st anniversary of the first issue of Life magazine, a wonderful collection of photojournalism , The Archivists fingers twitch at the LolCatz potential inside these covers
“im in ur Corp of Engineers , stealing ur New Deal”
Life Magazine 1936

The second image commemorates the birth of Boris Karloff , 120 years ago today . Here we have a still from the 1935 movie
“The Bride of FrankenCatz” with both Boris and Elsa Lancaster
“i can has bride ?”
Bride of FrankenCatz 1935